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04th February 2012
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Welcome to the worlds most up-to-date and detailed console variables and commands listing for QUAKE LIVE!

To use commands and variables, you need to either add them to suitable configuration files (i.e: autoexec.cfg) or enter them into the in-game console.

How configuration files work:
Quake Live uses the following configuration files:

  1. -  repconfig.cfg: this auto-generated file contains all of your key bindings and preference settings (never manually edit this file!)
  2. -  qzconfig.cfg: this auto-generated file contains other settings not listed in the repconfig (never manually edit this file!)
  3. -  autoexec.cfg: a user-generated file. When this exists, the game automatically applies all the settings contained in it to your repconfig when the game loads.

Any other configuration files will need to be loaded in-game using the ‘exec <config name>’ command in the console, unless the config file is already loaded by the autoexec.

Configuration files use the ‘.cfg’ file extension and are essentially basic text files which can be edited with a program such as WordPad. Never use Notepad for editing as it may format the file incorrectly and the game will not be able to read it.

How to reset your game settings:

Delete your repconfig.cfg and qzconfig.cfg (autoexec.cfg too if it exists), reset your settings from the site, and reload the game. You will have brand new configurations generated.

“The game won’t save my settings, what do I do?”

This is a common issue with the game in recent times. To solve this problem, you should load the game and change your settings as you wish, then type writeconfig autoexec in the console to save your settings. If you do this every time you change any settings then your settings will be saved. Alternatively, you could manually edit your autoexec.cfg in WordPad.

How to access your in-game console:

While you’re in-game, press Ctrl+Alt+~ to bring down the console screen. Type com_allowConsole “1” in the console, this will alow you to access the console by simply pressing the tilde (~) key in future.

Auto-complete feature:

To save time typing out commands and variables in the console, press Tab while typing to auto-complete it. If there are multiple options, a list of these options will be printed to the console. This feature also works for map names.

Scrolling through the console entries:

Press PgUp to scroll up and PgDn to scroll down when you’re searching for entries through many other entries.

The console is your friend – USE IT!


Console Variables [A-Z]

Console Commands [A-Z]

Button Commands [+/-]
NOTE: These commands are listed in their positive states. Each one has a negative twin which disables the respective action. Any of these actions solely binded to a key will automatically deactivate when the key is released. If there are other elements to the bind then you will have to manually insert the corresponding negative command after the positive command in order to stop the action from repeating.

Premium Server Commands
Simply typing ? into the console will show all commands that you currently have access to, along with a short description if applicable.


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