Default Value
Description Data Type Flags
cg_timescaleFadeSpeed 0 How long it takes for one timescale to fade into the other. "The other" is actually cg_timescaleFadeEnd. Don't use outside of a demo lol. Integer Flags
cg_timescaleFadeEnd 1 You change this if you want to fade from "timescale" to "cg_timescaleFadeEnd" over "cg_timescaleFadeSpeed" in seconds. With the addition of cvarinterp, this is nothing but useless clutter. Integer Flags
cg_stats 0 I guess this is some sort of debugging tool that prints what frame is being rendered (cg_clientFrame:1440). Doesn't seem all that useful, even for debugging. Boolean Flags
cg_thirdPerson 0 Dat ass... Boolean Flags
cg_thirdPersonAngle 0 Change the camera's angle around the player being followed. Integer Flags
cg_thirdPersonRange 40 Distance, in units, between the camera and the player being followed. Integer Flags
cg_footsteps 1 When you put your foot down, it makes a sound. Usually. Turn this on to enable that. Boolean Flags
cg_showmiss 0 Print any missed packets or predictions. It's actually kinda useful to see what exactly is being client predicted (hint: most teleporters and jump pads are predicted). Boolean Flags
cg_noplayeranims 0 This will disable all player animations. This includes, but is not limited to: walking animations, swimming animations, jump animations. It will display the raw orientation of the .MD3 model (it looks silly). Boolean Flags
cg_nopredict 0 This will disable all client-side prediction of events (hint: most teleporters and jump pads are predicted). It is useless when playing back demos. I also don't recommend using this when playing online. Boolean Flags
cg_errordecay 100 Detects prediction errors and helps to smooth these errors out over a few frames to ease jerking. Integer Flags
cg_debugevents 0 Debug events (this is really useful for playing back demos that are unsupported, or have weird anomalies). It will tell you the name of the event taking place.
Note that cg_drawEventNumbers is a direct copy of this.
Boolean Flags
cg_debugposition 0 Debug player position. I see nothing when I turn this on. Boolean Flags
cg_debuganim 0 Debug player animations. The information gathered from this is pretty worthless. Boolean Flags
cg_animspeed 0 Allows linear interpolation between frames in player model animations. As if I know what that means lol. Basically enable/disable player animations. Boolean Flags
cg_swingSpeed 0.3 This is a fun cvar. This controls how fast the model's body turns to correctly re-orientate itself with the player's view. Setting it to 0 results in some interesting effects ;) Integer Flags
cg_ignore 0 The only thing I found in the game's code is that it is "used for debugging". It seems to have no effect whatsoever. It cannot be found anywhere else. Boolean Flags
cg_autoswitch 0 Automatically switch to any weapon picked up. Really annoying. Turn off immediately. Boolean Flags
cg_predictItems 1 Client-prediction of item spawns and pickups. This is what plays the little sound when an item spawns. It's also why you sometimes pick up an item and get knocked away or die, and end up not having picked it up. Boolean Flags
cg_viewsize 100 Percentage of the screen the game appears on. Remember when Fatal1ty did a little fan competition where he would play on viewsize 25, or play with just his mouse? Good, because I wish I also didn't. Integer Flags
cg_stereoSeparation 0 "Make sure cg_stereoSeparation is zero as that variable is deprecated and should not be used anymore." You heard the man! Do not touch! Boolean Flags
cg_shadows 1 Turn on the ugly blob underneath the player. Set it to 2 for not-good shadows from items (dunno why the player doesn't cast one), or 3 for an opaque player shadow. If it were less buggy, it would be really nice. Integer Flags
cg_drawCrosshairNames 1 Show the name of the player you're aiming at above the crosshair. Or is it below? You can change where it's displayed, making that irrelevant. Boolean Flags
cg_zoomfov 22.5 Zooming in changes your fov from cg_fov to cg_zoomFov over cg_zoomTime in milliseconds. Your zoom FOV can be higher than your normal FOV, and it will work fine as far as I know. Integer Flags
cg_zoomTime 150 This is how long the zooming animation lasts, in milliseconds. Integer Flags
cg_zoomIgnoreTimescale 1 If this is enabled, then the zoom animation will not change speed no matter what timescale you're at. Boolean Flags
cg_zoomBroken 1 Why this is default, I have no idea... If set to 1, it enables the annoying zoom bug, where if you let go of +zoom before the animation is complete, it will restart the animation from a fully zoomed-in state. Boolean Flags
cg_fovStyle 1 This basically switches between Q3-style FOV (0), and QL-style FOV (1). It's a little confusing, but know that QL-style is more of a "true" widescreen experience. It also effectively increases your FOV in general.
Note that setting this to 1 also messes with cg_fovY behavior.
Boolean Flags
cg_fovIntermission 90 Forces this FOV during intermissions (an intermission is the default view orientation, used to spawn a spectator and when displaying a scoreboard at the end of a match). Integer Flags
cg_gibs 15 More gibs mean more blood, and everyone knows that bitches love blood! Integer Flags
cg_gibColor Sets the colour of the gibs that are launched (unlike cg_gibSparksColor, which only controls the trail). Hex Flags
cg_gibJump 0 Higher values make gibs bounce more. Integer Flags
cg_gibVelocityRandomness 250 Higher values make gibs eject at more randomier speeds. Integer Flags
cg_gibDirScale 1.0 I have no idea what this does. It's a float between 0 and 1, and 1 seems to make the gibs travel less randomly. Float Flags
cg_gibOriginOffset 0 Offsets all gibs on the horizontal axis by this much. There is no documentation as far as I know. Integer Flags
cg_gibOriginOffsetZ 0 Offsets all gibs on the vertical axis by this much. Integer Flags
cg_gibRandomness 250 Randomises the direction the gibs travel in, horizontally I guess. Integer Flags
cg_gibRandomnessZ 0 Randomises the direction the gibs travel in, vertically I guess. Integer Flags
cg_gibTime 1000 The lifetime of the gibs. How long they last before they disappear. When this many milliseconds pass, the gibs will disappear. Integer Flags
cg_gibStepTime 50 How often, in milliseconds, each gib leaves a spark trail. Integer Flags
cg_gibBounceFactor 0.6 I guess this makes the gibs more bouncy. Integer Flags
cg_gibGravity 800 Increasing the gravity will make the gibs float up less. Integer Flags
cg_gibSparksSize 3.5 Size of the spark trails. This is NOT the size of the gibs themselves. Integer Flags
cg_gibSparksColor Colour of the spark trails. Once again, NOT the gibs themselves! Hex Flags
cg_gibSparksHighlight Draws a single white pixel at the center of the spark to make things a little more visible. I see nothing when I modify the value. Boolean? Flags
cg_gibFloatingVelocity 125 When a player is gibbed, a large number of the gibs sit around where the gibbing happened. They float up. This is how fast they float up. Integer Flags
cg_gibFloatingRandomness 75 I guess this is how much the slowest and fastest gibs will differ in velocity? Integer Flags
cg_gibFloatingOriginOffset 30 These "floating gibs" are randomly placed in a square pattern this big, in units. Integer Flags
cg_gibFloatingOriginOffsetZ 0 Said gibs will also be randomly placed vertically if this is set to a positive value. Integer Flags
cg_impactSparks 1 When a player is hit, emit a spark. Boolean Flags
cg_impactSparksLifetime 250 This is how long said hit sparks will last. Integer Flags
cg_impactSparksSize 8 And this is how big they are. Integer Flags
cg_impactSparksVelocity 128 This one controls how fast they move up (they don't move horizontally - they just float up). Integer Flags
cg_impactSparksColor If you want the sparks to be green, set this to 0x00FF00. Hex Flags
cg_impactSparksHighlight 0 Draw a white pixel at the center of the spark (I actually see no effect). Boolean? Flags
cg_shotgunImpactSparks 1 Because of the way shotgun spread works, sometimes you might not want to draw impact sparks for shotguns. If you hit someone with 4 pellets, maybe when the demo is played only 1 hits him? Maybe 8? Boolean Flags
cg_shotgunMarks 1 Shotgun spread isn't exactly stored in the demo - it's randomly calculated every time the shotgun is fired. This can cause the marks to go places you might not want. There's no real reason disable this though. Boolean Flags
cg_shotgunStyle 1 If you don't want it to be random, you can change the way shotgun spread works. For it to be totally random, set it to 0. If you want QL's pattern, set it to 1. For a QL kind of random, set it to 2. Integer Flags
cg_shotgunRandomness 2.0 Brugal really likes letting you choose just how random his random really is, huh?
Note that this doesn't affect style 0 (Q3 style).
Integer Flags
cg_drawTeamBackground 1 When using the Q3 HUD, there is usually a big bar across the bottom of the screen, indicating your team colour. Turn this off if you want to disable said bar. It doesn't affect the QL HUD. Boolean Flags
cg_drawTimer 1 This only affects the timer on the Q3 HUD. On the QL HUD, the timer is part of cg_drawStatus. Boolean Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimer 1 QL has a little item timer on the right side of the screen. This is basically that.
Note that on demos not recorded by spectators, this will be inaccurate. This is due to QL's timer being server-side, while this one is predicted.
Boolean Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerX 635 X-axis alignment. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerY 150 Y-axis alignment. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerScale 0.4 Uniform scale. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerTextColor Colour of any text. Hex Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerFont q3small Font of any text. String Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerPointSize 24 Font size. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerAlpha 255 Alpha (opacity) value. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerStyle 6 Shadow style. 0: no shadow, 3: medium shadow, 6: strong shadow. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerAlign 2 Alignment method. 0: align left, 1: align center, 2: align right. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerSpacing Spacing between elements/items. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerIcon 1 Show item icons. Boolean Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerIconSize 20 Icon size. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerIconXOffset -55 Icon X-axis offset. Integer Flags
cg_drawClientItemTimerIconYOffset 0 Icon Y-axis offset. Integer Flags
cg_itemSpawnPrint 0 If a demo was recorded from a spectator's POV, and he had the item timer enabled, a chat message will appear every time an item respawns. Boolean Flags
cg_drawFPS 1 To display "normally", use 1 (This averages from the last four frames, I guess). To display with a higher precision using cgame time not real time, use 2. To use the current frame value only, use 3. Integer Flags
cg_drawFPSNoText 0 This is for the people who know what the stupid number means already, and don't need the text. Boolean Flags
cg_drawFPSX 635 Y-axis offset. Integer Flags
cg_drawFPSY Y-axis offset. Integer Flags
cg_drawFPSAlign 2 Alignment method. 0: align left, 1: align center, 2: align right. Integer Flags
cg_drawFPSStyle 3 Shadow style. 0: no shadow, 3: medium shadow, 6: strong shadow. Integer Flags
cg_drawFPSFont q3big Font of any text. String Flags
cg_drawFPSPointSize 24 Font size. Integer Flags
cg_drawFPSScale 0.4 Uniform scale. Integer Flags
cg_drawFPSColor 0xffffff Colour of any text. Hex Flags
cg_drawFPSAlpha 255 Alpha (opacity) value. Integer Flags
cg_drawSnapshot 0 Display some juicy snapshot info in the top right corner of the screen. Amazing debugging tool. Boolean Flags
cg_drawSnapshotX 635 X-axis offset. Integer Flags
cg_drawSnapshotY 0 Y-axis offset. Integer Flags
cg_drawSnapshotAlign 2 Alignment method. 0: align left, 1: align center, 2: align right. Integer Flags
cg_drawSnapshotStyle 3 Shadow style. 0: no shadow, 3: medium shadow, 6: strong shadow. Integer Flags
cg_drawSnapshotFont q3big Font of any text. String Flags
cg_drawSnapshotPointSize 24 Font size. Integer Flags
cg_drawSnapshotScale 0.25 Uniform scale. Integer Flags
cg_drawSnapshotColor 0xffffff Colour of any text. Hex Flags
cg_drawSnapshotAlpha 255 Alpha (opacity) value. Integer Flags
cg_draw3dIcons 1 Icons such as your player icon and attacker icons will use that player's head model instead of their icon. Boolean Flags
cg_drawIcons 1 This turns on or off all icons, though beyond the HUD and attacker, I don't know what it encompasses. The player icon is only visible with the Q3 HUD anyway. Boolean Flags