1.hario skerton hand grinder
2.hario gooseneck kettle processor
4.nice persian rug(s)
5.record player + amp, etc
6.picture frames prints by goya, francis bacon, andre masson, caravaggio, hilma af klimt, lissitzky, el greco, basquiat, titian, rachel ruysch, maria merian, picasso, cezanne, gustave courbet, robert rauschenberg, etc.
8.quality wood furniture, incl. tables, chairs, bookshelves, chests, floor lamps, etc
9.vacuum cleaner and or a swiffer-style mop, something good at cleaning up cat hair
10.herman miller eames chair (office style, with wheels)
11.herman miller hang-it-all model m with bluetooth
13.hegel's aesthetics: lectures on fine art, vol 1 (and 2?) (cambridge university press)
14.process and reality, alfred north whitehead, free press
15.the accursed share, georges bataille, zone books. three volumes!! marxism, cedric robinson, university of north carolina press
17.any books from the princeton university press hong translation of kierkegaard's collected works (EXCLUDING both volumes of either/or, as well as the fear & trembling / repetition bundle), specifically interested in: Volume 5: Eighteen Upbuilding Discourses; Volume 20: Practice in Christianity; Volume 11: Stages on Life's Way
18.any books from the new stanford editions of nietzsche's works (EXCLUDING "on the genealogy of morality")
19.nadja, by andre breton (or anything by breton) peasant ("le paysan de paris") by louis aragon (or anything else by aragon)
21.undercover surrealism
22.the sacred conspiracy
23.a subscription to bookforum magazine, film comment magazine, n+1, the paris review, the london review of books, art in america, canadian art, fantasy & science fiction, new left review...